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Duart Appeal – Sir Lachlan reaches out to Macleans

Repairs needed to preserve the castle and the rich Maclean history!
Water is coming into the house through the joints between the stones, where the mortar has been washed away.

The main source of concern at Duart is the water penetration into the Castle. In the winter of 2013-14 we lost four ceilings, which were brought down by water penetration through the chimneys.

The pictures show some of the major areas of water penetration that we are trying to stop. The situation has now become so bad that some of the pictures and items on display are being affected by water.

The pointing of the walls, the state of the asphalt on the walkways, and the re-pointing of all the chimneys add up to a cost of over £1.2 million. I have received support from Historic Scotland, and the family have committed to make a contribution as well, but we are still left with over £600,000 to raise.

If you are concerned about Duart and its long-term future, both for the Clan and for Scotland, then I ask if you would please make a contribution to the appeal.

Water running down the stairs in a stream.

Water running down the stairs in a stream.

How can you help? Please consider making a Tax deductible donation to the Duart Appeal through the California Clan Maclean Association today. It is simple and and for a great cause!

Water leaking through the walls causing displays to be removed.

Water leaking through the walls causing displays to be removed.


Instructions for donating to the Duart Appeal:

The Association has set up two methods to donate to the Duart Appeal. One is via cheque or money order by mail and the other is via E transaction through Square.

Your donations in the US are tax deductible and the Association recommends you consult your tax advisor prior to making any donations to the Appeal.

Receipts will be sent to each donor for your tax purposes and your name will be sent to the Chief to be officially recorded.

The Chief and his committee are working on award levels for donation amounts and this will be provided to the membership as soon as it is available.

If you choose to donate by mail (cheque or money order) please note the following:

  • Check/money order should be made out to Clan Maclean Association – California Branch
    • In the memo field please note “Duart Appeal”
  • Check/money orders should be sent to the following address:
    • Clan MacLean CA
    • 417 Mace Blvd, Suite J #251  (The mail box store is identified by Ste. J and our box is #251 so both are really necessary)
    • Davis, CA  95618
  • A receipt will be mailed to you recording your donation.

If you choose to make an E Donation via square please go to:

You are not limited to a single donation. If you choose to set up a recurring donation please let me know by emailing me atcmcapresident@theclanmaclean.com

Please send any questions on how to donate and how the donations will be managed – info@theclanmaclean.com

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